Feature Suggestions

Share whole Storyboard or Wireframe via PostMania (1)
'Export to clipboard': save a whole diagram but to clipboard (5)
Automatically create process diagrams from Excel data (BPMN) (1)
Consider enabling Doc Composer in Modeler Edition (4)
Customer Journey map - resize stage object (4)
Add return type for res API (3)
Add the PostMania topic pane to the panes section (4)
Select tables in ERD that makes sense (2)
Multiple categories for forum topics (3)
Allow animation on Postmania view of a diagram (2)
Improve Diagram Info Shape by adding variables (2)
Export diagrams to Visio or vector gaphics (4)
Visual Paradigm for a Visual Studio Solution.sln (6)
NoSql Design Model Process (1)
Customer Journey (2)
Hibernate 5 Code generation (3)
New Glossary Edit Option - "Link to Glossary Entry" (3)
Use in Wireframe diagrams random colors (6)
Why I always end up NOT using modeling tools especially early in modeling, am I alone? (3)
Forum suggestion: Documentation & Guides category (3)
Some New Models idea (3)
Note on class member (7)
Allow enter key to open Use Case specification (vs. Use Case details) (5)
Some ideas for the Overview diagram (2)
Automatically quote a post when replying (2)
Interchangeable (modular) featureset (2)
On Maturity Analysis diagram, remove Stage score limitations (2)
Keep Team capabilities (SVN, etc) (10)
Flow Charting in the real sense (3)
Support for BPMN in community edition (3)