Feature Suggestions

Support for BPMN in community edition (3)
Set directory for back files (2)
Model vs Database copmarison/differences screen (1)
Archimate 3.0 (3)
ERD diagrams for NoSQL databases like Apache Cassandra and MongoDb (1)
Grouping on Business Motivation Diagram Model (1)
Flow chart diagram in community edition (1)
Java 8 Support (1)
Smoothness, lines behaviour and pinch zooming on Mac (1)
Allow paragraph alignment (justification) selection for connector names (1)
Vietnamese Localization (1)
Share Diagram Invitation Note - Increase Limitation beyond 255 characters (1)
SysML BDD to IBD Relationship (1)
Source to target mapping diagram (3)
Base color and icon for model elements (1)
It will be nice of spell checker works in Textual Analysis (1)
Export use cas as user manul (1)
Single clicking to show show flow events of use case or attributes and operations of classe (1)
UI design's exporting should support UI testing (1)
Select design pattern predefined (1)
Block Text in Report Composer (1)
Some thoughts (1)
VP-UML 10.1: HTML format & Project properties options (1)
Expanded Resources-Centric Interface Option Should Be Aware of Canvas Window Border (5)
Plain Text Format for Activity Specification Body Section (2)
PHP Doctrine 2 support (2)
Instant Generator Customization (2)
VP-UML 10: Change the option order in the context menu (2)
Generate Test Stud from sequence diagram (1)
iOS - iPad (2)