A patch?


I am going on holidays (yes, I deserved it!) and I pass my work to my pals. have the following queston:

Half July I got this patch from you

Is it included already in the regular installation of VP, or do my colleagues have to get this patch from you?


Hi Tadeusz,

The regular installation have included fixes made in that patch. Therefore, you may ask your colleague to visit our download page to download the latest release, and install with it. Here is the download page:

However, please note that the patch we gave you was in VP Suite 3.0 Service Pack 2, while the one that can be downloaded from our download page is in VP Suite 3.1. As they are in different versions, you’ll need a separate key to unlock the new version. If your maintenance is still active, please log into your account to download the upgrade key.

Best regards,