Ability to scroll in order to place new objects

Not a bug, but rather a ‘possible feature request’. I am curious whether more users would find it useful to have the ability to scroll a little bit further than the lowest (or most right) object.

BPVA cuts the work sheet exactly at size. In order to place a new object (assuming the model is bigger than the screen) I am forced to either expand the sheet first by dragging my mouse pointer out of the used area or to place the new object in the already used area and then drag it down (or to the right) to ‘create more worksheet’.

I think the usibility of the software would be enhanced by the ability to use a scrollbar and/or the scroll wheel on the mouse to expand the worksheet in order to place objects outside the scope of the worksheet so far.

An alternative would be to enable the use of templates for A4, A3, A2 … worksheets so it’s clear how much space is left and what the results are of expanding the worksheet (in terms of paper size).

Any thoughts of other users (or developers)?

Hi Johan van der Lingen,

Thank you for your post. I will share your comment with our developers.

Best regards,

Hi Johan,

I am facing exactly the same problem with DB-VA.

And also I use the same method as you. When I need to add some items in an already crowded diagram, I usually insert a “dummy item” (like a class) to the bottom right corner of the diagram. Then, move it far away. This way the sheet is resized accordingly to that dummy item position, and I can scroll with the press of the middle button, or using hor & vert scroll bars.

When I’m done, I delete that dummy item. Sure, this can be improved, but this way works well.

Hi Johan and distansia,

As far as I can think of, using a dummy shape to expand diagram is the most possible solution at this moment. Further to distansia’s reply, I would like to suggest using a Text Box to be the dummy shape, because it is transparent and have no content unless you fill in yourself.

Hope this helps.

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Yep, I also think this is the best solution for now. (It was not my intention to suggest this needs urgent implementation, it’s just one of those points at which VP could prove itself even more valuable software).

Hello Johan,

Thank you. We do understand your reason, and we appreciate your contribution. :smiley: We’ll review your request later on.

Best regards,