Activities in state machines


I use the Community Edition of VP-UML 5.2.

I have some trouble creating proper transitions and state activities.

When creating transitions.
I can set the event (as the name of the transition element), the guard, and one method (in VP-UML, a method is an “Effect”). How can I actually add more than one method? Do I have to encapsulate them in one Effect, and give the methods in the body?

When creating states.
I can set an effect on “entry”, and on “exit”. There is also a “do activity” which I think assigns an effect that is carried out whenever this state is reached. How do I create custom events other than “entry”, “exit” and “do”?

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Hi mdrescher,

The current design is made by following the UML specification. May I know why you have this need? If it is reasonable, we will consider support it.

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Hi Jick,

I haven’t closely read the (official) UML2 specification; for this particular example, I followed the article at and I think allowing for more than one method is a good thing to do.