Activity Diagram and Flow of Events synchronization

I have searched for “Flow of Events” in the forum and cannot find this topic addressed:

What is the mechanism for ensuring that the activity diagram is consistent with the flow of events?

After automatically creating the activity diagram from the flow of events, you can add forks and actions to the activity diagram, but:

  1. there is no visual indicator to let you know that the activity diagram is now different than the flow of events,
  2. I don’t see any way to copy the new actions (in the activity diagram) back into the flow of events,
  3. I don’t see a way, such as a “case” statement, to make flow of events capture a fork.

The ability to edit flow of events as text is important to my usage, so I would like to know how this consistency is maintained in projects that use this tool.
I am currently using the professional 30 day evaluation copy.

Best regards