Activity Diagram: Behavior

I have an activity diagram.
I want to associate “behavior” action to an action element.
Why there aren’t all activity diagrams options in the list of “behavior action”?

Please see the attached document for more details.

Thanks, Anna

Hi Anna,

Thanks for your post. Could you please attach the project file so that I can check? Thanks in advance!

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Lilian Wong

I upload the project

thanks Anna

HI Anna,

Thanks for your project file. I’ve passed the issue to our engineers to check.

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Lilian Wong

Hi Anna,

You can only call an activity model for Behavior of an action. In UML Superstructure Specification v2.2 (we fully follow the specification):

  • page 244 mentioned that the behavior property of CallBehaviorAction is of type “Behavior”
  • page 236 mentioned that Action is of type named element but not behavior
  • figure 12.64 in page 349 shows calling an activity but not calling an action

In your project file, you only have one activity model “Save” which is on the activity diagram “Save”, so it’s the option in Behavior of the action model.

P.S. UML Superstructure Specification can be got from

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Lilian Wong

Thanks for your detail and documentation


Hi Anna,

You are welcome.

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Lilian Wong