Add version to xsd-generation


my question is the following: How can I add a version (versionnumber, date, datetime or something like this) to a generated xml schema file. I know, there are the templates for xsd-generation in the folder %VP%/instantgenerator/xsd/.
The file called ‘XsdPackage.vm’ could be used here. I added an attribute ‘version’ to the root-element, but i have no idea of the value that assigns a datetime-value to it.

## ===== Output =====
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="$utilities.getEncoding($args)" ?>

I tried getDateTime() (see:, but its not working because its just implemented in a comment-object, I guess.

Is there a way to assign a version/date/dateTime-value with the help of the xsd-template?

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are there any new information about this question?

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