Agilian 1.3 downward compatible

Hi all,
is the new 1.3 Agilian Version compatible with older versions?

Users (about 25 floating licences) are working on Agilian 1.2.
TeamworkServer is on 3.3


Users (not sure how many) are working on Agilian 1.3.
TeamworkServer is on 3.2

Will this work properly?

Thanks & Regards

Hi Christian,

Thanks for your post. The license key has to be compatible in version and edition with the product. When working with Teamwork Server, the version of your product and the Teamwork Server have to be in a pair. Take your description as an example, you need to have Agilian 1.3 with Teamwork Server 3.3.

One more thing that our projects are not backward-compatible, so you can only open old version project in new version product, but cannot open a new version project in an old version product (e.g. Agilian 1.2 cannot open 1.3 version product).

If you have any further inquiries, please do not hesitate to ask.

Best regards,
Lilian Wong