Associating colloboration diagram to an Action state of an Activity diagram


The new version of VP-UML does not have icons for creating colloborations diagrams. If the latest UML 2.0 advocates either composite structure diagrams or communication diagrams, the how to associate them to an action state of an activity diagram? The pop-menu (Right-click on an action state) does have sub-diagrams as a menu-item.

If earlier version of UML (through new project explorer) is used, we can associate an diagram, but these diagrams do not appear in the list of colloboration diagrams, when we try to create different scenarios for an activity diagram.

Could you sort out the problem?


Dear Najumudheen,

Yes, this is a missing feature in the new version, we will fix this as soon as possible.



so ,you mean in the newest version of Visual Paradigm, there is an error that: there is no icon for generating Collaboration Diagram, but it is communication diagram instead? I’m using visual paradigm 4.1 but i don’t see where to generate collaboration. It seems like collaboration diagram does not exist in this version.

Any comments

The collaboration diagram has been replaced by the communication diagram in VP-UML 4. In the latest early access version of VP-UML 5.0, you can create a communication diagram as a sub-diagram of the activity. Please download and try the early access version at