Associating existing diagrams with the Interaction Overview Diagram

I am working with VP-UML 4.1, and have been playing with the Interaction Overview Diagrams. While I can create /new/ sequence diagrams and place them in the interaction diagram, I can not put a link to an /existing/ sequence diagram into an interaction overview diagram. Drag&drop seems like it should work… but it does nothing.

How can I link an existing diagram into the interaction overview diagram?


Dear Evan,

In Interaction Overview Diagram, the Interaction acts like an embedded diagram rather than a link to an existing diagram. If you want a reference to a diagram, you can use Interaction Occurrence instead.




excuse me, how is it possible to add other interaction diagram (interaction use for a communication diagram by example) on an interaction overview diagram?
I only can add sequence diagrams but no others.

How could I specify that?

Thank you very much for your help,


Hello Steve,

Thank you for your message. Do you mean you would like to add an interaction inside another interaction use? Would you mind give me some example on what you want to model?

Best regards,