Association and custom container's (round trip VS 2008)


The actual C++ round trip code generation seem to understand the ‘[]’ and the std::vector as container we can use in an association with a multiplicity greater than 1.

So it’is possible to define our own class or template for an association with a multiplicity more than 1 so the code generator and UML generator can use it.

Thank you, Sylvain Comtois

Hi Sylvain Comtois,

Thanks for your post. We are sorry that currently we do not support defining template for association for code generation, but we plan to have a “Collection” stereotype in VP Suite 4.0 SP1 (expected to be available on July) so you can generate desired code on association’s multiplicity.
If there is any news on this issue, I’ll inform you at once.

Best regards,
Lilian Wong