Asterisk usage in visual paradigm for mac

I am getting a syntax error when I try to use an asterisk to specify that an attribute is a pointer or anywhere I use it.
I don’t get that error on the online version but I would really like to use the desktop version.

Hi Pablo,

It is because we have validation on the syntax of class member’s signature in our desktop version, but we should be able to handle the asterisk character. Can you show the full attribute signature (i.e. the text you typed in the editor) so we can diagnose the problem for you? Thank you.

Sure. I am getting errors as well when trying to use parenthesis or brackets. I was trying to write these things:
-state *s
-statelist [5]
-ObsList <Observer, ISBN, low, high>
All of the above generate a syntax errors

Hi Pablo,

It seems the texts not conform to the attribute syntax we expect. The signature is expected to begin with the visibility (- ~ # +), followed by name, followed by a colon ( : ), followed by type, and then followed by type modifier if any ( e.g. * & [] ).

If it seems not clear, you may first start by editing in the attribute specification dialog box (press Enter key while the attribute is selected), and enter the above details in the corresponding fields. By observing the final signature generated, you should become familiar with the expected attribute signature syntax that is expected for inline editing.

Hope this could help.