Attribute and classifier

I would like to use the same attributes available and defined in one class in another class, like “by reference”.
For instance a class that represents a UI can reference attributes from data-oriented classes. This could give me for instance the possibility to report “where used” from the perspective of the attributes.
Can this be done? :roll:

Hi pschoneveld,

Thank you for your enquiry. The “Move/Copy Members” function should be helpful. Please right-click on the source class, and select “Move/Copy Members” from the popup menu. From the dialog box, specify the members (attributes and/or operations) to copy and the target class, then confirm by clicking OK.

Hope this helps.

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Dear Jick,

I’ve been using this option a lot, but now I’m wondering if there’s also an option to make a reference between two attributes, so if you change one attribute in a class, it will also change in an other class.


Hi Jeffrey,

Thank you for your post. It seems to me that your request is uncommon. May I know why you have this need?

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I want this to have an attribute that I use at several classes to be the same everywhere.

For example if I have a phone number, which I use at several classes then I want this to be the same verywhere wherever I change it. Ofcourse there are more difficult examples where I could use this.