Automatic formatting of headings in customized template for report writer?

I’m trying to generate a report with report writer using my own report template. I already managed to install our company’s MS Word doc-Template into report writer by following the hints under

However, whenever I add diagrams respectively diagram items to my report, a “default” style is applied to all heading paragraphs being generated, no numbering or indentation is applied. The built-in report templates behave differently here, all headings are numbered and indented properly.

Therefore my question:
Is there a way to achieve proper indentation and automatic numbering of headings even in custom report templates?
Alternatively: Is it possible to customize the layout of the build-in report templates?

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Hi Max,

I will discuss your case with our team and come back to you as soon as I can.

If there’s anything else I can help you with please let me know.

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Hi Max,

Thank you for bringing the problem to our attention. We have fixed the problem now. Please download the patch at:

To use the patch:

  1. Exit any running instance of VP
  2. Install by overwriting the current installation
  3. Restart the product.

Note: This patch is made for VP Suite 3.2 SP1 (SDE 4.2 SP1). Please make sure you have a valid license for SDE version 4.2. Otherwise you won’t be able to start up the product after the installation.

If there is anything else that I can do to help please do not hesitate to ask.

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