Automatically change version on a document

Hi everyone!

Does anyone knows if there is any way to automatically change the version of the document when downloading it from the doc.composer?

I mean, if for exemple, I change one of my diagrams but I don’t go to doc. composer; then, 3 months later, when I come back to Visual Paradigm to download the document, I’m not going to remember to create a new version because of this little change from 3 months ago.

I was thinking about a logarithm that read all the document and add a new version name if there is any change… but I dont know if something like that is possible…

Thank you!

Hi Leonorar,

Actually you don’t need to create new version of document in Doc. Composer after making changes to your diagrams. Once you turn on the Refresh before export option in Doc. Composer (in the Export dialog) then the content of the document will automatically refreshed when you output the documents. In this case you can always get the most up-to-date documents no matter how long after you making the modifications. Hope this can help!

Best regards,
Rain Wong

Hi Rain,

Thank you for your answer but I was actually asked to create a new version, automatically, each time a change is made to the document. Now it’s only me who use VP and I can change the version manually, but they want to create a new version in case someone else makes any change. This way, every time the document it’s downloaded, you can know if changes have been made before.

Best regards,