Best wishes for 2013!

Hi gang,

I hope this is allowed / appropriate in here but I figured I might as well with all you guys on the Visual Paradigm team a very good and prosper 2013! Please keep up the good work…

I’ve been using VP-UML for quite some years now (honestly don’t know from mind, never kept track; started when there was still a separate ‘SDE’ version) and I still learn new tricks every once in a while. Speaking of which; I also want to thank you guys for the effort you put into the Youtube video’s.

Now; I’ll be very honest with you (no offense intended) but sometimes a video isn’t as appealing as it in my opinion could have been, but even so it does give us users (and hopefully potential new users!) a good insight into the extensiveness of VP-UML. And as said; I still learn something new every once in a while.