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I have a problem with saving some changes in the documentation part of the use case details in tab info.
The same field is also accessible from use case specifications. There buttons ok are used and commit is disabled. So naturally people will push ok, system will register changes, people will save and no problem.

However with the tabsheet info under use case details the buttons have disappeared and the commit buttons are still there.
So if commit is done use thinks everything is saved. However everything is lost.

Please keep me informed when this problem can be fixed.
I was able to reproduce the error with VP 7.2 (Build 20100129)

We have found workarounds (close the window first, use “use case specifications”, or save as)
However we have lost a substantial amount of information and would like to this to be fixed to prevent other users to encounter the same issue.

Many thanks in advance


Hello Joachim,

Thanks for your message. I’m not fully understand what you mean by “However with the tabsheet info under use case details the buttons have disappeared and the commit buttons are still there.”. Normally you don’t need to press any button when editing in use case details editor. What you modified will be registered automatically. So, would you mind tell me more details on how the changes are lost? BTW, the build you are using is quite out-dated. I suggest you upgrade to latest SP2 to apply the latest patches we made. You can run the VP Suite Update to update your system without re-installation. Feel free to contact me if you need any help.

Best regards,
Rain Wong


“The buttons have disappeard” => compare to “open specifications” --> documentation. There we have buttons ok and others
=> See attachement option 3

We have a set up with SVN. So the commit is still visable on top. (Not in attachement because i have no repository set up for the moment). The point is that the user does not see that he first has to save because the inidcation on title bar of application does not show the “*” sign. So user pushed commit and all his changes are lost because an update is done from the server for the pieces that are not changed. Because VP does not recognise the writing in use case details (tab info) as a change => he looses all his work for every open use case details window where he was writing in tab info: field documentation.

Hope to provide more clarity.

Also I have a question concerning the forum. How can I get a list of all threads or messages that I posted?

Kind regard

Changes not save in use case description.doc

If someone knows an easier way, please share that method. What I would do is to first find your user ID number, which you can do by visiting your My Profile page and note the number of xxxx.html in the profile URL. Then visit the listByUser page: http://forums.visual-paradigm.com/posts/listByUser/xxxx.html and substitute the xxxx with your user ID number.

Joachim, here is yours: http://forums.visual-paradigm.com/posts/listByUser/3806.html

Is there any news about this?