Business Modelling


I am trying to use VP-UML for Business Modelling. I am consulting the notation from the text “UML for Database Design” by Eric Naiburg and Robert Mak…

Unfortnately, they use icons in that book which are not in VP-UML. Missing items are Business Use Case and Business Actor. Also, for an activity diagram, the book diagrams a Business Actor as the heading for a swimlane. VP-UML does not allow me to do this by dragging and dropping from the model Tree.

VP-UML does have a Business Workflow diagram. However, this is not used in my current text. I am gonna get a hold of “Business Modeling with UML: business patterns at work” by Eriksson and that may give me an idea of how to better integrate these diagrams in the Business Modelling process.

Any other tips anyone has for using VP-UML for Business Modeling?