C++ code generation?

I just downloaded the eval for VP UML standard. It seems to me that it has support for reverse engineering C++ but not forward engineering? Am I seeing this right? Usually it’s the other way around with most UML tools – they support forward but not reverse. Is there an VP UML edition that supports code generation for C++?

Also, I don’t like the way C++ reverese handles namespaces. If you have a class Bar in the namespace Foo, it gets reverse engineered as a class named “Foo::Bar”. Other packages I have seen instead generate a class called “Bar” in the package “Foo”, which is more useful.

Hi Charles,

Currently, VP-UML is only supported on reverse engineering of C++.

But “SDE for Visual Studio .net 2003” Professional Edition will support code engineering on C++ language in next release.

The problem on C++ reverse handles namespaces is improved (same as you said) in version 3.2 already.