C++ Instant Reverse (Update): class-method not removed in diagram

We’re evaluating Visual Paradigm Standard Edition 6.1 on Linux-Systems (Gentoo, Fedora, Ubuntu) for usage in our development department.
Instant Reverse of existing cpp projects works fine so far. Inclusion of new class-methods in existing uml-class-diagrams works fine, but exclusion of deleted class-methods seems not to work.


  class Test {	
    Test ();
    ~ Test ();
    void	test1(void);
    void	test2(void);
    void	test3(void);

I tested instant reverse in three steps:

  1. Instant reverse with new class and method test1
    …diagram: class with method test1

works fine

  1. Instant reverse (update) with added methods test2 / test3
    …diagram: class with methods test1 / test2 / test3

works fine

  1. Instand reverse (update) with removed method test2
    …diagram: class with methods test1 / test2 / test3

method test2 is not removed!

Does instant reverse only add new objects, but not delete removed one?

Dear Beat,

Thanks for your message. Instant Reverse is a one-off code reverse engineering feature. By default it will update modified source into model. But this update only can handle newly added items. For deleted items, please select “Replace duplicated class(es)” during reverse engineering. This will replace your existing class model will re-create the duplicated classes and therefore removed class member will also be deleted from model.

Best regards,

Hi Rain,

I would have expected, that in this case (removed method in code) VP will delete this method in the model - and after this it will go through all diagrams to delete all representations of this method…

What we would appreciate for our development-process is the following:
1 Analysis/Design of new project with VP
2 Automatic generation of code
3 From now on: changes of project directly in code (new features, new release)
4 Update of existing UML-Diagrams from code (UML-Diagrams for new features)

It seems, as if this isn’t possible with VP. Some of the existing UML-diagrams will become obsolet after having enhanced the code…

Best regards,

Hi Beat,

As I mention the Instant Reverse is a one-off reverse engineering. It can only create/delete & re-create the models but not updating any existing models. For what you are looking for, I suggest you can try the code synchronization (form Professional Edition or above). The code synchronization in Professional Edition should able to satisfy your need.

Best regards,