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Hello !
I’m usingSDE for VS.NET on VS.NET 2003.
I created a project and some Classdiagrams which transformed very well into Code.
My question is now what kind of Diagramm would fit in best for designing the Code inside the Class. Here is some example Code( very simple)
What kind of Diagramm would be best to use?
Or can u be so kind to give me the diagramm for this so i can use it as example for my other code? If you have further links (good) regarding this topic i would be very happy

//Parameter setting for sample method
bool flag=false
ArrayList test=new ArrayList

for(int i=0;i <test.Count; i++)

if( flag==true)


wbr me(student writing diploma using VP and SDE for VS)

Dear VP_and_SDE_User,

Thank you for your message. Sequence diagram, State diagram and Activity diagram are also very useful for doing implementation. I suggest one book to you, which is the Object-Oriented Technology: from Diagram to Code with Visual Paradigm for UML (ISBN: 0071240462). This book is written for students and developers who wish to master the essential skills and techniques in applying the UML for software development. In the Implementation of UML Specification section, it demonstrates how the UML diagrams can be translated into actual implementation, including implementing Sequence, State and Activity Diagrams. More details can be found at http://www.visual-paradigm.com/special/requestootsamplechapters.jsp

Please feel free to contact us again if you have any further questions.

Best regards,

ok i think about Buying the book but i have to say that the sample chapters did not convinced me :confused:
I searched a lot on the net and most files are about how to model your data, how to create use casses and also class diagramms. But when it comes how to map a algorithm to code i dont find usefull material :confused:
I don´t need exactly c#. An java example of a for loop and a if/else case produced of a UML diagramm would be all i need.
What do you think, where can i find such?
wbr Andreas

ups i forgot to log in sorry
wbr Andreas

Dear Andreas,

Thanks for replying. I think this link may help

Best regards,

Thank you VERY much for replying to this topic :slight_smile:
I know it takes time to find usable resource on the net concerning UML. Thank you for taking ur time :slight_smile:
I will read through and try to get it to work with VP :wink:
wbr Andreas