Can an association in class have more than one role?

I have this class diagram that related to share and rent place system: a website for share places that user registers to website and they can add their places also search place and reserve place also none registered user can visit site - search place and so on.
So i draw this class diagram. I’m new in UML and this diagram is my first class diagram that i try to make class from my problem.
So i think for making a class we could define a role between that class and another class that has association.(like NormalUser class visit Place class)

So maybe search and share class be wrong here. a normal user can search,visit,share place so i can put only one role on association line(in my UML application). so my question: is it possible to put more than one role name on association line?in my UML application i can define only one role that is ‘Visit’ but normal user can search and share place when we have more than one roles about a class what should we do?don’t write anything on association line?or we could write more than one role name on association line?
Is my diagram correct or can it be better than this?
(it’s my use-case diagram