Can not do class diagram to java code generate with annotation(vp uml)


We want to generate java code from the class diagram which has annotation.

For example:
I make a simple class diagram Class1 with an attribute a1.I add an annotation for this attribute.

when I generate java code(has annotation) from the class diagram,the code followed:

public class Class1 {

private string a1;


But I want the results:

public class Class1 {
* something important!!!
private string a1;


How to generate the annotations in java code? Please let me know.

Thanks and Regards

Hello Tang,

May I know you are using Instant Generator, or the Round-trip code engineering feature to generate source code? Also may I know how you define your annotation? Can you send me some screenshot, or maybe your project file to have a look?

Best regards,
Rain Wong

Hi Rain,
I am trying to add the annotation as well using the Class Diagram but i dont see a place where i can put the annotation for class/attribute level.