Can we generate Class and Sequence Diagram for the existing java project


I am new to Visual Paradigm.

I downloaded and installed Visual Paradigm for UML professional edition vesrion 3.0.
please help me how can i create class and sequence diagram for existing
java project ! very urgent.



Hi Shashi,

Just select menu File -> New Project…, in the New Project dialog box select the page “Source Code”, then click “Add…” to add all the source folders.


What about the generation of sequence diagrams?

Will it generate sequence diagram from selected operation?

Currently the generation of sequence diagrams only limit to flow of events (generate a system level sequence diagrams based on the flow of events defined in a use case description) and from class diagrams/collaboration diagrams.

And how do you start generating such a sequence diagram

Dear Sebcore,

To generate a sequence diagram from flow of events, right-click on a use case and select “Use Case Description” from the popup menu, and start editing the flow of events. After that, right-click on the use case and select “Generate Sequence Diagram” to generate the sequence diagram.