Cannot use ORM Component II : I'll be back!

Hi VP,

I have a problem again with ORM Components.

This time I was going to report you a possible bug when generating code for ORM components, and then I could not generate code at all!

Let me explain:

  • First, I was working with a model like image1
  • Then, when generating code, the mapping for the component was not generated if the component lives inside a “joined-subclass” . I mean, this code will not be automatically generated:

    (‘Base’ in this case is the name of the NET assembly)

But now, when I tried generating code from the model, it fails with the warning showed in image2 :evil:

BTW, I see that your error message now tells some important info: the item involved!! (in this case, column “att1” of item “comp1”). Thank you for doing so!! :smiley:

So, maybe here are two bugs indeed. The original one, no mapping generated for components inside a “joined-subclass”, and now code generation error when trying to do so.

Happy component fixing :wink:

Hello distansia,

Thank you for your post. This one has been reported to our team, too. :smiley: :smiley:

Best regards,

Hi distansia,

This one has been fixed, too. Please find the download path for the patch from this thread:

Best regards,