Can't run VP-UML

Hi everybody,
Can anybody please help with run VP-UML issues of VP-UML ???
The downloaded file is vpumlce_20030401.exe and I had installed finish ,
but when I try to run VP-UML ,it IS loading about a few seconds then disappear no any messages . the C:\Program Files\Visual Paradigm for UML Community Edition\ occure a hs_err_pid1788.log as the attchement
please tell me what can l do ?
Thanks in advance


What OS you are using?

MY OS is windows 2000 sp3,thank you

Could you send me your log file (install dir\vpuml.log)?

Thanks angus
my vpuml.log as attachment please

 simon <br><a class='attachment' href='/uploads/default/original/1X/cef6908cab9973b7ad6ba5f29c2b07d5f6d2f556.log'>vpuml.log</a>