Changing user interface font - how?

I would like to change the font that is used by VP for drawing menus and dialogs.

I’m using high-resolution LCD screen and ClearType antialiased Segoe UI font in my Windows XP system. The picture is very smooth and pleasant.

But Visual Paradigm does not use my system font settings. The font that is used in dialogs and panels looks like some old Windows system font that is very poorly antialised. Segoe UI font is used for menus but it is not antialiased by system means (or is not antialiased at all?) so it is very uneven. The display is really irritating.

So, my question is: how can I change the font that is used by VP to my system font and my system antialiasing method.


Hi Arne,

Thanks for your post. I’m sorry that only the menus can follow system’s font setting, but fonts in dialog cannot be changed. Please try the following steps to make menus in application to follow system’s font setting:

  1. shutdown VP-UML
  2. go to VPSuite/bin folder
  3. copy the name of the launcher of VP-UML
  4. create a file and named as “%name_of_launcher%.vmoptions” (e.g. “Visual Paradigm for UML 6.4.vmoptions”)
  5. edit the file and add this:
  6. save the file and double-click on the launcher to start VP-UML

Hope this helps. If there is any further inquiry, please feel free to ask.

Best regards,
Lilian Wong

i don’t understand that “create file and …”

copy? or new file create?

Hi user,

“create a file” in step 4 means create a new file (you can right-click within the directory and select New > Text Document), then name it “%name_of_launcher%.vmoptions” (e.g. “Visual Paradigm for UML 6.4.vmoptions”, where .vmoptions is the extension of file).

If you need any help, please let me know!

Best regards,
Lilian Wong