[Class diagam] Association End property strings


Is it posible to assign property strings with association ends ?

Kind regards, Artur

ref: OMG Spec, page 44

• A property string enclosed in curly braces. The following property strings can be applied to an association end:
• {subsets } to show that the end is a subset of the property called .
• {redefines } to show that the end redefines the one named .
• {union} to show that the end is derived by being the union of its subsets.
• {ordered} to show that the end represents an ordered set.
• {bag} to show that the end represents a collection that permits the same element to appear more than once.
• {sequence} or {seq} to show that the end represents a sequence (an ordered bag).
• If the end is navigable, any property strings that apply to an attribute.

Hi arturK,

We do not support this currently. But I have discussed with our developers. We decided to support this later on. I will keep you informed about this matter.

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Hi arturK,

We already support the feature you asked for (Sorry for not getting back to you earlier…).

To assign property strings:

  1. Right click at an end of an association and select Open Specification
  2. Click … beside the desired Role
  3. Open the “Property Strings” tab
    Here you can define the Property Strings.

If there is anything else that I can do to help please do not hesitate to ask.

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I specified Property Strings for an association but you can’t see them in the diagram…How to make them visible?

Its in the “Presentation Options” of Association’s context menu.