Class Diagram Help

Hello, I am trying to complete a class diagram for a case study.

At the moment, I have the following potential candidate objects which I believe would make good classes.

Kitchen Staff;

Could anyone tell me if they think these are a good choice?
Here is my situation I am designing the class diagram for:

In a popular city restaurant, the following system is required to speed up preparation of meals.

Each waiter is assigned a group of tables, after taking orders for a table the waiters enter the orders (a list of dishes and drinks ordered by the diner or group of diners) into the system at the PC. The waiter usually knows of any dishes that are unavailable before taking an order but occasionally one of the specials will sell out. The system must confirm the availability of dishes. Should an item not be available the system must allow the waiter to change or even delete a customers order. Dishes to be prepared are sent to the kitchen, drinks orders to the bar. Starters and main course orders are usually taken together. Drinks and desert orders may be taken separately.

Kitchen staff see the dish orders on their screen, prepare them in an appropriate sequence and confirm preparation to the system when complete, similarly with the bar.

When a waiter sees the completion indications on his terminal he collects the items and takes then to the table. The waiter can also check on the status of dish and drink orders.

At the end of the meal the waiter will have the system print a bill, and he will enter the details of payment for it. The management can give discounts.

The system keeps track of the numbers of customers served by each waiter and the amount of money taken by each waiter. The management can view these statistics.

Thanks Jay.