Class diagram old vs new

I was wondering if any one had a suggestion for how to do the following.
I need to desplay a class diagram with the current class structure in my code and then create a new class diagram with how I propose to change these classes. I can’t find a way to do this that isn’t very confusing or requires creating a whole new project in VPUML. If I try to copy and paste a class in the class diagram view it knows I have one class with multiple views on screen. This means changes made to the new version appear in the old version. Is there a way to do this with out retyping most of my classes?

Hi MrB,

as far as I know, classes are stored as objects in the underlaying repository. This is the reason why cut & paste does not work. You could do the following:

  1. create a class diagram with your current class structure.
  2. create another, empty class diagram.
  3. copy the classes from the first class diagram.
  4. insert the classes into the empty class diagram by using the menu item “paste with model” instead of “paste”.
  5. do your work on the newly created class diagram.

The classes in the second diagram will get different names because each class (represented by its name) can exist in the repository only once.
For example: old classe’s name was Customer; new classe’s name will be Customer2.

If you could live with this restriction, this could be a solution for you.
Hope, I could help.