Class Diagram (Systems Analysis and Design)

Hello Experts,

I found your this forum incidentally. And not sure whether I shall post my assignment question over here; but I have no choice.

I am new to Class Diagram. And I am looking for some suggestion from you all on the following case scenario assignment:

"A grocery store wants to automate its inventory. It has point-of-sale terminals that can record all of the items and quantities that a customer purchases. It has similar terminal for the customer service desk to handle returns. It has another terminal in the loading dock to handle arriving shipments from suppliers. The fresh food department has terminals to enter losses/discounts due to spoilage.

my task is to draw a class diagram of the system.

I have drafted my own version having six (6) classes; but I am not quiet sure whether this is correct.

Any idea would be very much appreciated.


Dear Sotik,

Thank you for your message. The chapter 2 of the book Object-Oriented Technology: from Diagram to Code with Visual Paradigm for UML may help to solve your problem. You can download the sample chapter at the following link. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us again.

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