Class diagram to describe classes not in code

Just wondering if class diagrams can be used to model entities that are not actually present in the coding of a software system.
For example, I can see how a class named XMLFileProcessing might have attributes and operations and how this translates very well to object oriented code (properties and methods).
Now, I am trying the display that a class called XMLFileProcessing interacts with an XML file. Can I set up the XMLFile as a specific class on the diagram despite the fact that XMLFile as a class would never be used by the programmers and does not have any particular operations/methods ?

Hi GordoFreeman,

You can use Class Diagrams to model classes for different purposes (both would / would not be used by programmers). To better organize your diagrams, I suggest you use the Logical View. The Logical View refers to a user’s view of the way project is organized. Detail about Logical View could be found here:

To select classes to be generated to source code, you can activate the Class View and pick up those classes that you want them to be generated to code, or simply right-click on the target classes and select Update to Code from popup menu.

Hope this helps.

Best Regards,