Code Generation (PHP)

Hello everybody,

I`ve only a short question:

Is it possible to generate code from class diagramm with file names different from class names? - If yes, how can i do this?

Thanks in advance!


Hello danjo2002,

We are sorry that at the moment we do not support generate PHP class file with file name different to class name. May I know why you want to do this?

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Hi Rain,

thank you for your answer.

We are using Zend Framework. ( )

The convention there is:

Classname: “Zend_Package_Filename”

Directory/File: Zend/Package/Filename.php

It would be nice to generate those structures within Visual Paradigm.

Do you think this feature will be available in future?


Hi Daniel,

Sorry for our late reply.

How about drawing like the diagram attached? By drawing this and then generating PHP code, there will be a Zend folder generated, with the Package folder in it, and eventually the PHP file.

Please let me know if this solves your problem.

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