Code generation templates


I’m unfortunately not that satisfied with the C# code generated from a UML model. I would like to be able to modify what’s generated. Is there a way to edit templates from which the C# code is generated?

I would like to do things like implementing Generic lists as the data collections, and getting rid of some obvious java constructions. (and a lot more) 8)


I would also like to see the templates idea added

Hi starwave and tdk,

Thanks for your posts. You can edit the templates put inside $ide-folder/sde/instantgenerator/ to customize your own way of generating code.

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Hello starwave and tdk,

We now have a page that teaches user how to customize the code generation outcome. Please read:

We have also setup a forum about customizing code generation:

I hope that you can find enough help. If not, feel free to contact me.

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