CodeModel is unable to load


I’m using SDE for Intellij Idea 4.1 Build SP1 20071003.

I’ve recently changed the directory structure of my project (e.g. was in C:\Projects now is in C:\My\Projects) and at the same time upgrade from 4.1 to 4.1 sp1. When I load SDE inside Intellij Idea, I cannot see any diagrams. Like if I’ve lost all my work. I don’t know which one of these operations might have caused the problem.

The vp.log is as follow :

[message] Start Smart Development Environment Enterprise Edition for IntelliJ [SDE EE-IJ]: 4.1 (sp1_20071003)
[warning] Open old version project from 20070724 to 20070817
[warning] <<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>
[warning] << miss persistance code model, but ignore to prepare codemodel from uml model >>

Is there any thing I can do to get my diagrams back ?


Hi Antonio,

Thank you for your interest in our products. Changing of project directory will cause SDE failed to locate the project to open. I would like to hold an online meeting to help you solve this problem. I’ve sent you an Email for the details about the meeting.

Best regards,


I’ve already received an email from your support team. The problem was that I’ve changed directories by hand and the path wasn’t correct in the vpppath file :

You can recover your work by modifying the “YapsPetstore.vpppath” file (Java EE 5 UML\vpproject\YapsPetstore.vpppath) and make it pointing to your “Petstore_Modules.vpp” in the same folder (using absolute path). Also you need to rename the project file “Petstore_Modules.vpp_” back to “Petstore_Modules.vpp”. After that you will have your diagrams back in the SDE-IJ.


That’s great. :smiley: :smiley: