Compare Project Versions


like so many people before, i’m currently evaluating VP :wink:
One of the important questions that came up in our discussions is about version compare.

Is there a possibility to compare two versions of a project, and is this comparison able to visualize the differences? I have something like Windiff in mind if you know it.
And are you able to do a comparison without teamwork server?

Hi Sebastian,

Thanks for your post. We are sorry that we do not support local comparison between projects. However, you have comparison on teamwork projects, which are not specifically only in our Teamwork Server, but can be in SVN, CVS or Perforce as well (as our tools can collaborate with these version control systems).

For details of comparing teamwork projects in the version control systems, please refer to the following links:

Please do not hesitate to contact me for any further inquiries.

Best regards,
Lilian Wong

I believe comparing the current project with another local project is now possible. See the attached image for an example. I am running VP4UML 8.2.

Hope that helps.

Visual Diff of the Current Project and a Local Project.png