Confused with models in the Class Repository

Hi gang,

I recently started using Class diagrams using VP UML and as such also used the class repository. However, when I first open the repository I see the same models which are also used in the Model Explorer, is that by design ?

I’m now wondering if I could hide these by any chance because I think its a little bit confusing. My classes are separated through packages, and perhaps I could use a “virtual” model to separate my classes which are only meant for testing purposes, but that’s about it.

My classes don’t really need to be divided between analysis, design or implementation in my opinion because they already form the heart of the program itself. Since I already noticed that the shown models are linked (the same) to those in the model explorer I’m now getting a bit confused.

Obviously I went through the documentation already but in this case it somewhat confuses me more since the screenshots show a class repository without any models at all (as shown here).

I’m using VP UML 10.1, build number 20130127.

Thanks in advance for any insights you can give me.