Connection Point Style: Follow center


I have observed that the Connection Point Style: Follow Center does not really follow pure center for the majority of shapes in the following circumstances:

When two shapes are sensibly aligned so that a connector can be draw as an horizontal or vertical line then your algorithm stop following the pure center and instead the tail an head of the connector is sliding along the border of the shape until it reach a corner at which time your algorithm resume follow pure center and the connector is again draw as an oblique line.

This is a very smart algorithm indeed, but the problem with it is that connectors have a tendency to be stuck in the shape corners when you move shapes around.



I think that this algorithm should only be enabled when one choose “Rectilinear” connectors AND “Follow center” point style, but should be disabled in all other cases (in particular when one choose “Oblique” connectors).

Curiously, connectors are draw exactly as expected between Activity shapes in the Activity Diagram. i.e they are oblique lines following the pure center of the shapes they are connected to. (does the smart algorithm is disabled in this case?).

Hi Zart,

Unfortuantely I am unable to reproducing this problem. I think it would be better to present in an interactive way. Do you think so? I suggest we hold an online meeting with you to look into this problem dynamically. Please let me know when you will be available and which timezone you are in.

Best Regards,


My mistake, the diagram I used to test connection point style was misconfigured, and I didn’t figure it out. :oops:

Now that I know how to confugure it correctly, it does exactly what I expect and even more. The algorithm you have put in VP-UML do a realy incredible work: don’t change it.

Sorry for wasting your time.