Copy/paste model element doesn't copy state's activities

Greetings. I am evaluating VP 11.2 (build 20140904), and have found that copying one or more states from one state diagram to another, using copy/paste model element, does not copy a state’s activities.

To reproduce this problem:

  1. Create a new project; select “UML Modeling”, then “State Machine Diagram”;
  2. Accept the default diagram name;
  3. Add state A, open its specification window, select Entry/Create Activity, type “Do something” in the “Body” pane, then click “OK” twice;
  4. Select File/New Diagram/UML Diagrams/State Machine Diagram;
  5. Accept the default diagram name;
  6. Go back to the first diagram. Select state A and type ctrl-c;
  7. Go to the second diagram. Select Edit/Paste Model Element;
  8. Notice that VP displays the new element’s activity;
  9. Open the new element’s specification window;
  10. Notice that there’s no Entry activity!;
  11. Click “OK”;
  12. The specification window disappears, and VP now displays no activity for the new element.

Duplicate/cut/paste model element works around this problem, but it’s not pretty on any but a trivial diagram.