Create Date Time & Last Modified fields have no Date Format

Good morning from Barcelona.

I have a little problem that I do not know how to solve. I have the latest version of Visual Architect Modeler Editon (BPVA ME). I used the “Project Publisher” to generate a web version. As you can see below “Create Date Time” and “Last Modified” fields have numbers that are not “Date Format”:

Autor MQ
Create Date Time 1275301222960
Last Modified 1275390824013
Autor MQ
Fecha Hora 01-06-2010 12:00:00

What could I do to solve this problem? Thank you very much.

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Would you mind send me the vp.log file to have a look? You can find the vp.log file inside the bin folder of BP-VA. Look forward to hear from you.

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Thanks Guys to aware How to Create Date Time & Last Modified fields have no Date Format .I need it and try to solve it.Thanks

Hello Rain.

Sorry for the delay.
I am sending you vp.log file.
Thank you very much.


The build that you are running is quit an old one. As I know the date format problem was fixed a while ago. Could you run the VP Update program in the bin folder to advance to the latest build, and try again? Please have a try.

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Hi Jick,

I’ve already updated my version last week to Ver. 3.2 (sp2_20100621) and still have the problem. The file I’ve now is the one is attached.

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Hello Rescat,

I’ve tested with the latest build (sp2_20100702) and cannot repeat the problem. Can you update to this build and see is it working? If this is still not working, then would you mind send me your project file so that we can have a try on it?

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