Creating new User in A3-Platform is failed

Good day,

Please I have a problem with creating new user in A3 Platform.

I have downloaded A3-Platform for Windows (78.7MB) to try it free for 30 days,
then I have extracted archive and executed a3-platform\scripts\startup.bat.
After that, as it was written in installation guid, I opened then web browser and visited

In database setting window I’ve selected Oracle database (we use Oracle 10g) and set other parameters to connect to database.
After clicking Install button I saw tables in A3PLATFORMUSER oracle user.

In Manage User window I’ve pressed AddUser button, filled full name, login name, new password, re-type password fields and then pressed Save. In then left bottom corner of the window there appeares the text: “The call failed on the server; see server log for details”. Log file from folder “a3-platform\logs” is attached to the topic.

How to make A3-Platform work on Oracle? On then Embedded database everything works ok.

We use Windows XP Proffesional, Oracle 10g, browser Firefox 3.5.9 or Internet Explorer 6.0.


Sorry for my late response. We studied your log file and suspect the problem is due to abnormal installation of A3 Platform. Can you try download the A3 Platform from the following link and see is it working?

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