Ctrl + enter

each time when i select some text and press “ctrl + enter” , i t will add text to a listbox-like thing.
when i click on some text area, it would like the attachment.
A box with texts block my way.
I found that i even can remove any item in it or close it.
it destory my work!

Hi user,

Thanks for your post. I tried with latest version and I do not have any problem on entering new line to the message text by Ctrl+Enter - the list of messages disappears automatically once I created a new line in text. You can refer to the flash movie of how the it behaves:

Note: Pressing Ctrl+Enter to create new line in text is for available in VP Suite 3.3 or older, or product running with old workspace that is created by VP Suite 3.3 or older versions. For VP Suite 3.4 or newer, please press Alt+Enter to create new line in text in sequence message or naming shapes.

Best regards,
Lilian Wong