Custom SQL does not appear in generated code

Hi all,

When designing my class diagram in SDE, I could provide custom SQL statements in the class properties window. However, when the C# code is generated, this does not work. It just uses the same queries on the database as before. The new queries are not seen anywhere in the code.

Is it known that this functionality simply doesn’t work? :?:

To clarify: I would like to be able to execute custom SQL statements to use my own stored procedures for some operations, instead of the default insert queries. 8)

Hello starwave,

I regret that Custom SQL is not supported for .NET at the moment. We will investigate the possibility of supporting this.

Best regards,


Do you have any plans concerning Custom SQL? It would solve a lot of our problems. We try to use SDE for a relatively big project (app. 150 persistable classes).


Hello Tadeusz,

We do have plans to support it. But currently we are unable to estimate when this will be available. I will keep you posted on the support of Custom SQL for .NET ORM. Sorry about this once again.

Best regards,