Custom SQL statements

I am wondering, is it possible to alter the create SQL statements when using the ORM wizard ?? The reason I am wondering is that I want to use the natively generated id created by the MySQL autoincrement as a customer id and have it start at a particular point. The problem is that I want all the customer ids t be 6 digits long, so the smart choice seemds to be to add AUTO_INCREMENT=100000 when the create is issued. Therefore, is it possible to append to the sql statement for a table to make this possible everytime the table is created ??

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Dear jmdk,

Thank you for your message. You can customize the generated SQL through the ORM Class Detail tab of the Class Specification dialog. For more details, please check out the DB-VA feature list, Customizing Generated SQL section and click the Watch Demo to play the animated demonstration.

Please feel free to contact us again if you have any further questions.

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Thanks for you quick reply, but if I saw the right demo, you can only change the INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE SQL statements in that screen. I need to do this in the CREATE statement, is this possible ??