Customization of report


I’m new to the report tool and have with the help of Chapter Part XV. Report generation and in particular 2. Customizing report been able to create something that looks almost about right. I’m doing a word report with the class + attribute documentation for a number of class diagrams. I have two questions about it now:

1 - is it possible to change the language/alter the fixed texts that the Report customization provides? For instance “Table of Content”, “Attributes”, “Name”, “Documentation”. I would like these in my language (or just the possibility to write my own names where they are).

2 - I want the report to number the headings and have noticed that my report gives me Heading 1 for the title of each class diagram but then Heading 3 for each class name followed by Heading 4 for the “Attribute” section. This means that I get a structure like:

  1. Class Diagram Name
    1.1.1 Class 1 Attributes
    1.1.2 Class 2 Attributes
    Why is not Heading 2 used for for the Class names? I have attached how my report is built up in the report generator.

Thanks in advance!