Customizing code generation, list of API calls


Is there a complete list of the API calls for customizing code generation. The list in the user guide seems to be incomplete because there are function calls in the standard template which are not listed there, e.g. t_getGeneric() (most of them beginning with a t_) etc.

I cannot get the visibility of an generic class, e.g.

class MyClass : public MyOtherClass

How can i go to the public statement of the inheritance??? The getVisibility() call does not exist for generalizations!

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Hi user,

It was unable to get visibility for generalization. But we have just made it support. Please run the update program to advance to the latest patch release. Here is the instruction:

By running the code below you can get the visibility of generalization.

#if( $class.generalizationCount() > 0 )
#foreach( $generalization in $class.generalizationIterator() )
#if ( $generalization.getVisibility().equals(“public”) )



those method start with t_ and p_ contain our internal logic. They are not supposed to be called by user. Therefore, the API guide do not include those methods.

We will also update the user’s guide to include the latest available calls. Thanks for your feedback.

Hope this helps. Feel free to contact me if there are any questions.

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Thanks, now it works fine

My pleasure. Feel free to come again if there are any questions.