Data migration from Relational Db to Java Object

Hi All,

In our project, we have a requirement wherein we have to migrate data in the tables(around 200 tables in each DB) from different Sybase DBs
to a vendor customized DB.
I proposed transferring the data to a xml file and the xml file could be handed over to the vendor.
But our team says we dont want to reveal our sybase schema to the vendor.
I dont really understand how can we hide the schema & just transfer the data.

Could anyone please suggest what would be a better option for this data migration without revealing the schema.

I found on internet few ORM frameworks/tools like Hibernate, Cayenne, JDO implementation, TopLink.
But all of them talk about storing java object to realtional Database whereas our situation is the reverse(database to java objects)
And again they talk about mapping database schema which is not what i want.

I’m really confused.

Any help will be highly appreciated.

Thanks in anticipation.


You can try XML-SQL-Utility (XSU)
Does wonders

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