DBVA Open Project does nothing

I have DB Visual Architect v4.0 running on Vista. I am able to create a new project but when clicking on File -> Open Project, it simply returns to the blank screen.

Please help!

Hello cahern,

Could you provide me with some screenshots to show the problem?

Best regards,

Not sure if this will help. I’ve put the screen shots in the attached Word doc.

I’m able to re-open with no problem. Just can’t “Open Project” (I’ve also tried Ctrl-O but that does not work either).

DBVA Screen shots.doc

Hi Chris,

Do you see the file chooser asking for the project file? Please send me the vp.log file for checking the problem. You can find it inside %VPSuite-INSTALLATION-DIR%/bin/vp.log. Thank you.

Best regards,

I’ve just downloaded and installed DB Visual Architect v4.1 and this problem does not exist in this version.


That’s great! :smiley: