Debugging a Plugin with VP 10.2

Hey guys,
I’m experiencing issues trying to debug my plugin for VP10.2. - following problem: when I klick on the button at the menu bar, simply nothing happens. I followed the tutorial on “Debug your plug-in with Eclipse” but as I am using NetBeans I had to do it that way and I’m pretty sure I did everything as it was expected from me.

So now when I start debugging, there are some threads running through and (it doesnt matter where I set breakpoints) afterwards the program closes instantly saying (Debugger Console):

Listening on javadebug
User program running
User program finished

What am I doing wrong? :cry:

Thanks a lot,


oh, PS: I’m using the latest JDK (7u25) with NetBeans IDE 7.3.1.

Does it eventually work when you compile with the 1.6.0 JDK?